Jack Smith Comes Up with Yet Another Potential Charge Against Trump

Special counsel Jack Smith’s office said on Friday that former president Donald Trump might have broken his release conditions by buying a pistol, even though Trump’s spokesperson insists he didn’t.

According to The Associated Press, Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung tweeted on September 25 that Trump had bought a rifle in South Carolina before later retracting his statement and deleting the post. Trump “potentially” breached the conditions of his release, according to prosecutors in a court filing on Friday night. They cited a federal rule that prohibits receiving a handgun while being investigated for a crime carrying a sentence of more than a year in prison.

Prosecutors noted in a footnote that “the defendant either sought to profit from his supporters’ mistaken belief that he did so, or purchased a gun in violation of the law and his release conditions.”

“To purchase a gun while this felony indictment is ongoing would be a separate federal crime and a violation of the defendant’s conditions of release,” the judge wrote.

Later, a Trump official emphasized that although the former president had intended to buy a pistol, he had not done so. Despite saying he wanted to acquire the weapon, Trump was not observed



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