Ivermectin Reduces Excess Deaths by 74%, New Study Shows

A groundbreaking new peer-reviewed study has found that ivermectin use in COVID-19 patients during the pandemic resulted in a staggering 74 percent reduction in excess deaths.

According to the ecological study, a natural experiment occurred when the government of Peru authorized ivermectin for use during the pandemic.

The Peruvian government’s decision resulted in evidence of the drug’s effectiveness and ability to reduce excess deaths.

The situation in Peru was unique as other governments around the world had banned the use of ivermectin for Covid patients in an effort to promote mRNA vaccines.

The paper’s results were published on August 8 in the renowned peer-reviewed Cureus Journal of Medical Science.

The peer-reviewed study found a 74 percent reduction in excess deaths in 10 states with the most intensive ivermectin use over a 30-day period following peak deaths during the pandemic.

When analyzing data across 25 states in Peru, researchers found these reductions in excess deaths correlated closely to ivermectin use during four months in 2020.

There was a fourteenfold reduction in nationwide excess deaths when ivermectin was available without restriction.

Once access to ivermectin was restricted by the government, a thirteenfold increase in excess deaths was observed in the two



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