IRS Whistleblowers: ‘Clear Links’ Between Joe & Hunter Biden’s Foreign Influence-Peddling Schemes

This week, President Joe Biden vehemently denied that he had anything to do with his son Hunter Biden’s illicit business activities.

New York Post reporter Steven Nelson asked Biden if he would explain why he interacted with “so many” of his son and brother’s foreign business associates.

“I did not. And it’s just a bunch of lies. They’re lies. I did not. They’re lies,” the 81-year-old president protested.

The documented record shows that Joe Biden is misleading Americans on this matter, once again.

“The President just lied again to the American people,” House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) responded on X. “FACT: There are at least 22 examples of Joe Biden speaking with or meeting with Hunter Biden’s foreign business associates.”

On Friday, the House Oversight Committee released testimony from IRS whistleblowers, Gary Shapley and Joe Ziegler, that established the “clear links between Joe Biden and Hunter Biden’s business dealings.”

This follows in the aftermath of Hunter Biden getting hit with nine new charges in a federal indictment in California, based in large part on the agents’ tax investigation.

While the IRS whistleblowers should get credit for revealing Hunter Biden’s preferential treatment, they should also get credit for conducting such



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