Investigators: ‘Climate Change’ Activists Started Hawaii Wildfires

Investigators in Hawaii have revealed that the majority of the devastating wildfires in Hawaii are believed to have been intentionally ignited by “climate change” activists.

Police and fire officials probing the wildfires are hunting for suspects believed to be radical leftists who purposely started bushfires to bring global attention to their “climate crisis” agenda.

As of late, many wildfires have been suspected to have begun as a brushfire that was lit on purpose.

Investigators also believe that most of the fires in Hawaii were caused by arson attacks.

Hawaii Island detectives suspect the wildfires were intentionally lit after finding incendiary devices near several of the ignition points.

Luckily, the Hawaii Fire Department was able to neutralize the two separate brushfires Ka’u in Naalehu and Pahala early on.

They were able to act quickly thanks to a 911 call about the origins of the first one on Mill Camp Road in Pahala.

Both fires were burning in the same area and were extinguished quickly by fire personnel.

Investigators are looking into suspicions of arson in the latest Hawaii brushfires that started out of the blue this past week in the area of Mill Camp Road.

A suspected climate activist was seen driving



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