Insider Blows Whistle on Canada’s Shocking Euthanisia Methods: ‘Drowned to Death’ – EVOL

A euthanasia industry insider has blown the whistle to expose the shocking methods used to kill citizens with “assisted suicide” as part of the Canadian government’s eugenics agenda.

When Canada’s euthanasia laws were first introduced, they were sold to the public under the guise of painless compassion.

However, the method used to euthanize Canadians under the liberal government’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) program may actually be akin to waterboarding.

During an interview with renowned Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, MAiD whistleblower Sheren revealed that people who are euthanized under the program are actually “drowned to death.”

Sheren is a combat veteran and artillery gunner in the Canadian military who has a lot of experience with the drugs used for “assisted suicide.”

She revealed that the drugs used in MAiD essentially waterboard a person to death.

Sheren explains that what she finds most disturbing is “the mechanism of the actual procedure.”

While explaining how the process works, Sheren likened Canada’s current practices to those in Nazis Germany.

“The reason people in Canada who are given MAiD seem peaceful is because they’re given a paralytic first so they’re completely paralyzed, then this drug is administered as one of the four and they start



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