Infighting Emerges Among Democrat Leaders Bussing Illegals to Each Other's 'Sanctuary Cities' – EVOL

Infighting has emerged among Democrat governors and mayors as local leaders attempt to offload illegal border crossers to other so-called “sanctuary cities.”

According to a new report from the Chicago Sun-Times, Democrat leaders are fighting among themselves while bussing illegal migrants back and forth from their cities as their own “sanctuaries” become overwhelmed.

The news comes as sanctuary cities are now overflowing with illegals as thousands of foreign nations flood the Southern Border every day amid Democrat President Joe Biden’s migrant crisis.

The issue has already been causing rifts among the party as Democrat mayors blame Biden’s open border for the crisis.

The outlet reportedly spoke with multiple figures regarding the ongoing migrant crisis plaguing major cities like Chicago, Denver, and New York City.

Democrats have frequently attacked Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for bussing migrants into sanctuary states and cities.

However, the report suggested Democrats are frustrated with one another, particularly between the Illinois and Colorado governors.

“The Illinois governor [J.B. Pritzker] said that, in the meantime, migrants were being sent to Denver, which was then sending them to Chicago, which Pritzker called ‘unhelpful,’” the report read.

“He said Democratic Colorado Gov. Jared Polis told him, ‘We’re not



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