Indiana Schools Are Installing “Translation Stations” for Students Who Don't Understand English – EVOL

The state of Indiana has installed “translation stations” in several public schools in Johnson County.

Some new technology could help bridge the language divide for students in Johnson County, Indiana.

— NewsNation (@NewsNation) February 2, 2024 “>News Nation reported the new technology looks very similar to a copy machine; however, its function differs significantly.

It works by students placing tests, notes, flyers, or any other type of document into the machine, and within seconds, the machines translate English into the language of the student’s choice.

Currently, the machine can translate over 300 languages.

Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation Culture and Belonging coordinator Ruby Butler stated, “We have students that come to our district, and this is the first time they’ve ever been in American schools, period,” Butler said. “It’s just a very diverse district, probably more diverse than a lot of people know.”


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Per News Nation:

Being the new kid at school is already hard. Now, imagine trying to study in a language you don’t understand, but all your classmates do.

Some new technology could help bridge that divide, and students in Johnson County will be the first in Indiana to use it.

The “translation station” produces the



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