Illegal Daycare Employees Arrested for Spiking Children’s Food – EVOL

Four people have been arrested and charged after they were caught dosing children with melatonin at an illegal New Hampshire daycare.

The substance is often used to enhance sleep.

The Manchester Police Juvenile Division said the arrests came after a lengthy investigation.

In a statement on Facebook, Manchester police said:

“In November 2023, detectives received a report alleging unsafe practices going on in an in-home daycare at 316 Amory Street.

“Through the investigation, police determined that the children’s food was being sprinkled with melatonin without their parent’s knowledge or consent.”

The arrests stem from a November 2023 investigation at a daycare in Manchester, about 30 minutes from the state capital of Concord.

Authorities were called to investigate a report of “unsafe practices going on” at the daycare in question, ABC News reported.

The report cites a press release from the Manchester police department.

After a six-month investigation, police discovered that children had been furtively dosed with melatonin.

Officers arrested the daycare owner, 52-year-old Sally Dreckmann, along with three of her employees: Traci Innie, 51; Kaitlin Filardo and Jessica Foster, who are both 23.

After the investigation, police said they had determined:

“The children’s food was being sprinkled with melatonin



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