Ilhan Omar Accused of Taking Bribes from Foreign Nationals

Radical Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar ((DMN) has been accused of accepting bribes from foreign government officials.

Omar was caught accepting a fully paid-for luxury trip to the World Cup from the government of Qatar.

The congresswoman accepted the free trip, despite the country being notorious for human rights abuses.

Qatar also funds the terrorist group Hamas which seeks to eliminate Israel.

During the trip last November, Omar not only attended the FIFA World Cup but also met with Qatari government officials.

Omar has yet to explain the nature of the meeting, however.

All of her travel, food, and luxury accommodations were paid for by the Islamic nation.

It was such a delight to root for #TeamUSA at the World Cup in Qatar and today we are excited to root for them here at home.

Let’s go #TeamUSA 💪🏽

— Ilhan Omar (@IlhanMN) November 29, 2022

But Omar’s unexplained gift from Qatar isn’t the only free trip behind the allegations of bribes.

Omar also took a trip to Pakistan in 2022 that was funded by its government, according to the Star Tribune.

Financial disclosures show that Omar went to the soccer event on Qatar’s dime, despite the



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