Idaho Mom Exposes Graphic Sexual Content in School Libraries

Maureen Anderson was shocked to find sexually explicit books in school libraries in her city of Lewiston, Idaho. UncoverDC contacted Anderson on Thursday to talk with her about her June 12 reading of a passage from one of the books to the Lewiston District Board of Education. Anderson has been pleasantly surprised with the Board’s willingness to listen and engage. District Superintendent Lance Hansen has also shown interest in Anderson’s mission to, at a minimum, require explicit parental consent before a child checks out graphically sexual materials from school libraries. Anderson was pleased to share that her efforts have even prompted some teachers in the District to begin removing pornographic books from school library shelves all on their own.

I offered this very thing to Bixby School District a year and a half ago when I first started the Tulsa County Moms for Liberty chapter. Unfortunately, they declined. I still believe it’s an excellent idea and a way to get more parents engaged. @Moms4Liberty

— Janice Danforth (@DanforthJb) August 18, 2023

Anderson’s reading of an excerpt from the book “Push” by Sapphire for the Lewiston District School Board can be viewed below—warning: some of the language is graphic.



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