Iceland Bans Covid Shots amid Soaring Sudden Deaths

As excess deaths, strokes, blood clots, sudden cardiac arrests, and other “unexplained” health issues continue to soar around the world, the government of Iceland has taken decisive action and banned Covid mRNA shots from the island nation.

In early October, a conference titled “Let the Science Speak” was held in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Speakers at the conference talked about COVID-19 injection harms and the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) power grab.

Sasha Latypova was one of the six speakers at the event.

You watch a video of the event HERE.

Six weeks later, the organizers of the conference informed Latypova that the Icelandic government announced that, from next week, COVID-19 injections would no longer be available in Iceland.

“There were 200+ people in a packed conference room [in Iceland], and 300+ more on live stream,” Latypova said when writing about the event a couple of weeks later.

“This was a large attendance for a live event in Iceland on a topic that is heavily censored …

“Even the state media showed up briefly (probably to film everyone who attended for future surveillance). No matter.

“Everyone knows everyone else in a tiny country, and we were told the top officials are now extremely



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