Hunter Biden Attended Lavish State Dinners on Taxpayers’ Dime amid Federal Investigation

Democrat President Joe Biden’s scandal-ridden son Hunter attended several state dinners on the taxpayers’ dime, including during the time he was under federal investigation for shady business practices.

During the Obama and Biden administrations, Hunter Biden has attended at least six U.S. state dinners.

Hunter Biden attended four taxpayer-funded state dinners during the Obama administration while he was chairman of his now-defunct investment firm.

He has also attended two during the Biden administration while being federally investigated over his business dealings with the firm.

Meanwhile, President Biden has shown no signs of trying to distance himself from his embattled son.

In recent months, the president has appeared alongside Hunter Biden during multiple public events, despite his son’s many legal troubles.

Those public events include President Biden’s official state trip to Ireland in April.

The president took his son Hunter and his sister Valerie Biden Owens along for the taxpayer-funded trip.

On June 22, the first son was seen rubbing shoulders with Washington D.C.’s elite during the state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Modi at the White House.

The event for Modi was held just two days after it was announced that Hunter and federal prosecutors had struck a cushy



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