Hundreds of Illegal Aliens Set Up Camp in Seattle Park, Demand Handouts from Taxpayers – EVOL

Hundreds of illegal aliens have established an encampment in a public park in Seattle after the city ran out of funding to house them in hotels.

According to local reports, dozens of tents popped up at Powell Barnett Park in Seattle’s Central District neighborhood.

Illegal border crossers from Venezuela, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are living in the park while they demand that taxpayers pay for their permanent housing.

The group of mostly military-aged men had previously camped outside Riverton Park United Methodist Church in Tukwila in early 2023.

However, the Democrat-run “sanctuary city” allocated tax dollars to pay for them to secure a stay at a hotel in Kent, FOX13 Seattle reported.

Now that the funding for their hotel stay has dried up, the illegals are telling local news outlets that they are staying at the park until more funding comes through.

“We’re waiting for help,” Jonathan, a 22-year-old illegal alien from Africa who has never contributed to American society, told FOX13.

“We don’t want to keep moving every month. It’s hard.”

Speaking through a translator, another Angolan man told KOMO News that the illegals are “asking for the government to help us with housing.”




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