House Speaker Mike Johnson to call vote on Biden impeachment probe…

House Speaker Mike Johnson will call a House vote to formally open an impeachment inquiry against President Biden — a “necessary step” after weeks of White House “stonewalling,” he said Saturday.

“We’re being stonewalled by the White House,” Johnson told Fox News, describing how House committees have been methodically stymied in their attempts to probe corruption allegations in connection with son Hunter Biden’s questionable foreign business earnings.

“They’re preventing at least two to three DOJ witnesses from coming forward, a former White House counsel,” Johnson said. “The White House has withheld thousands of pages of evidence.”

The vote will likely come this month, before the House takes a holiday break on Dec. 15.

On Friday, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer told a closed-door meeting of Republican lawmakers that the administration had produced just 14 of about 82,000 pages of Biden’s emails that he sent or received under pseudonyms during his eight-year vice presidency.

“We’re being stonewalled by the White House,” Johnson said as he announced plans to call a vote on the impeachment inquiry.

Hunter Biden, 53, and the president’s brother James, 73, are both due to testify under subpoena



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