House Oversight Blows Lid Off Biden Scandal: Emails Expose Corruption Scheme ‘Without a Shadow of a Doubt’

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) requested the National Archives produce records, without redactions, showing Biden’s communication with Hunter and business partners Eric Schwerin and Devon Archer using these pseudonyms.

The Kentucky congressman discussed the disturbing revelations that he found on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo on her show “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“We’ve learned that Joe Biden used at least three pseudonyms or fake names in emails that he was receiving from people within the federal government, people that worked for him,” Comer said. “And even more troubling than that,… we’ve learned that when he was receiving emails pertaining to Ukraine, his son Hunter was copied on them, which we’ve always heard that the White House has said that Hunter Biden wasn’t an employee of the government, he wasn’t any part of the government.”

“The evidence is mounting every day to prove that Joe Biden went to Ukraine for the sole purpose of firing Shokin, who was the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating his son for corruption,” he added in the interview. “What we heard in the transcribed interview with Devin Archer was that he said that the owners of Burisma were squeezing Hunter, saying, ‘we need help in



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