Hospital Whistleblower: ‘Patients Dying within Hours from Covid Shots’ – EVOL

A medical industry whistleblower has given an explosive new interview to expose shocking side effects of Covid mRNA shots, revealing that vaccinated hospital patients are “dying within hours” after receiving the injections.

The whistleblower is Zowe Smith, a medical coder, auditor, educator, and manager.

Slay News reported late last month on Smith’s first explosive whistleblowing statement.

She warned the public that Covid mRNA shots are causing people to “die so horrifically” and “so quickly” after they received the injections.

Smith revealed that doctors were forced to euthanize patients due to the severity of their injuries.

After Smith’s initial whistleblower statement went viral, she has now spoken out again.

During a new interview with Alex Jones on Infowars, Smith revealed that hospital patients who were given Covid injections were “dying within a few hours” of being vaccinated.

She noted that some people were in hospital for non-serious issues but ended up being killed after doctors gave them a vaccine.

“I could see timestamps and the timestamps were like very short periods of time,” she said.

“So when you said early on in the show that patients were dying within a few days – I mean, patients were dying within a



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