Hollywood Star Risks Career: “I believe Donald Trump was selected by God almighty, in my opinion, he’s pretty great”

Hollywood actor Jim Caviezel has put his career on the line by speaking out in support of President Donald Trump.

Caviezel, star of the hit movie “Sound of Freedom,” said President Trump is a lot like the biblical figure, King David.

The veteran actor, who also starred in Mel Gibson’s epic movie “Passion of the Christ,” said he believes “Trump was selected by God Almighty” to lead.

“When you go back to David, Trump is like that,” Caviezel said during an appearance on Steve Bannon‘s War Room podcast.

“Here’s a boy that was called out and many people didn’t like him as including his own—I’m talking about David now—own father.

“And he was selected by God.

“I believe Donald Trump was selected by God almighty.

“He probably didn’t think he was the best guy to be president.

“Or maybe he thought he was the best guy because in my opinion, he’s pretty great.

“A guy like him will be able to sit there and watch this ‘Sound of Freedom’ and feel safe and peace, and I think that a lot of people that watch this that are following God, feel that way.”

Trump and Caviezel both share a passion for



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