Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump Wants to ‘Kill’ and ‘Imprison’ His Political Opposition – EVOL

Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State and two-time failed presidential candidate, gave a chilling warning about former President Donald Trump on a podcast hosted by Democratic election lawfare attorney Marc Elias.

In an interview for the “Defending Democracy” podcast, Clinton said that Trump would be “kill his opposition” or imprison them if he wins the presidency again.

Hillary Clinton is in full projection mode again.

The failed 2016 candidate just claimed that Donald Trump wants to “kill” and jail his opposition.

Donald Trump did NONE of these things as U.S. President — something Hillary Clinton will never be.pic.twitter.com/gkPYixYo8U

— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) April 20, 2024

She said that Trump would rather silence his opponents in the same way that authoritarian leaders like Vladimir Putin do. She said that Trump admires leaders who have too much power and jail or exile media and people who are critical of the government.

However, Donald Trump did not jail any political opponents during his time in office, nor did he authorize any assassinations, despite nearly universal negative news coverage, including numerous media hoaxes and misleading reports about the former president.

Clinton, in other words, is not basing her dangerous



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