Hillary Clinton MASSIVE Failure: Hillary’s Broadway Debut FLOPS! – EVOL

Despite big names and high expectations, not all shows are a guaranteed hit in the high-stakes world of New York’s Broadway.

Such is the case with Hillary Clinton’s feminist Broadway musical, Suffs, which has struggled to draw audiences. Positioned to shine a spotlight on the women’s suffrage movement with an all-female and gender non-binary cast, the production, despite its laudable intentions and a slew of Tony nominations, is grappling with less-than-expected box office numbers.

According to reports from The Broadway League, attendance for Suffs has hovered around 78% to 81% capacity, which is concerning for a new show during the peak Broadway season. For context, the Broadway musical Lempicka recently announced it would close, even though it played to an impressive 83 percent capacity just last week according to Breitbart.

Suffs placed among the bottom eight productions in that category, ranking in the lowest 23% of all 35 shows for the week. Behind the scenes, Clinton has been highly active in promoting the musical. Her appearances on major media platforms like NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and CBS Sunday Morning were part of an effort to leverage her public profile to boost ticket sales. “Jimmy, I have to



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