Hillary Clinton Issues Desperate Plea for Political Prosecutors to Resolve Trump Trials Before November Election – EVOL

The Democrats’ prospects of seeing President Donald Trump’s numerous show trials concluded before the November election are fading.

As the presidential election approaches, Hillary Clinton has voiced alarm that Trump’s legal battles will not be resolved before the November election.

Clinton expressed concern that the ongoing delays in Trump’s trials may prevent the Democrats from exploiting the lawsuits to impact the election.

During an appearance on MSNBC, Clinton emphasized the ramifications of outstanding legal issues surrounding Trump, the leading presidential contender.

“Justice delayed is justice denied, and the people in our country, it looks as though, will most likely go to vote without knowing the outcome of these other serious trials,” Clinton said.

“And the one that is going on now currently in New York is really about election interference. It is about trying to prevent the people of our country from having relevant information that may have influenced how they could have voted in 2016 or whether they would have voted,” she added.

Clinton also argued that the Supreme Court is doing “a grave disservice” by not deciding on Trump’s argument for presidential immunity, which was heard on April 25. She claimed that the arguments presented during the hearing were



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