Hillary Clinton: ‘Any Woman’ with ‘Self-Respect’ Must Vote Biden – EVOL

Twice-failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has made a pitch to female voters ahead of the critical November election.

According to Clinton, “any woman” with “self-respect” must vote for Democrat President Joe Biden.

Clinton made the appeal to women during a Thursday appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“Every generation has to keep alert and diligent,” Clinton told MSDNC viewers.

“Not every generation necessarily has to fight, but this one does and we all do in order to take back our rights and to protect our rights.

“Unfortunately, it’s very tragic but not unexpected, there are people who want to turn the clock back on women.

“It’s not just in this country it’s happening in other places as well.

“Basically, they want more control over women, more control over the choices women make, the lives women lead, the opportunities that we pursue.

“Therefore, any woman who has any sense of self-respect, autonomy, agency, independence, and values freedom, needs to understand there’s only one choice in this election, and that’s Joe Biden.”

Clinton added:

“And it is something that I feel so strongly about, because if you are someone who has a religious belief about abortion, then pursue your own religious beliefs.



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