‘He’s A B**chy Little Man’: Trump, Tucker Skewer Chris Wallace In Hilarious Segment

Both former President Trump and top-rated newscaster Tucker Carlson took former Fox News host Chris Wallace to the woodshed during Wednesday night’s highly anticipated interview at Trump’s Bedminster golf course.

Trump recalled the first presidential debate between himself and Joe Biden ahead of the 2020 election. “I said how come – and this was in front of, probably not a friend of yours – Chris Wallace, he was the moderator,” Trump said. “Not a friend,” Carlson immediately interjected.

“I said why is it he wants to be Mike, but he doesn’t have the talent?” Trump continued, speaking in reference to award-winning journalist and Chris’ father, Mike Wallace.

“He’s a bitchy little man,” Carlson said of Chris Wallace. “He wanted to be his father but he didn’t have the talent of his father. His father was great,” Trump added.

Trump then continued with his reference to the 2020 debate, when he accused Hunter Biden of receiving payments from a number of Russian government officials, including the mayor of Moscow’s wife. The First Son’s business dealings with Russian nationals have since been confirmed, though “fact checkers” threw cold water on the claim at the time.

Chris Wallace also rejected the accusation during



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