Hero Who Rescued Truck Driver Dangling from Kentucky Bridge Identified – EVOL

The hero who bravely rescued a semi-truck driver who was left dangling from the Clark Memorial Bridge in Kentucky has been identified by authorities.

During the harrowing rescue mission, a firefighter could be seen rappling to the truck’s cab to pull the female driver out to safety.

The shocking incident took place on the massive bridge crossing the Ohio River between Louisville, Kentucky, and Jeffersonville, Indiana.

The trailer of the truck could be seen wedged against the beams of the bridge, stopping it from falling into the water below.

The hood of the truck also popped open and could be seen hanging from the truck’s cab.

Videos have emerged online showing the brave rescue as it unfolded.


The city’s fire chief praised the first responders for their daring rescue.

“All the credit goes right here,” Louisville Fire Chief Brian O’Neill said in a press conference Friday.

“These are some serious heroes.

“This was some really professional, well-practiced, well-trained stuff.”

“These men and women make me so proud,” O’Neill said.

“This motivates the heck out of me every day.”

The firefighter who rappelled down to the driver and carried her to safety was identified as 29-year-old Bryce Carden.



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