Heart Deaths Up 26% on Pre-Pandemic Levels, Official Data Shows

Experts are raising the alarm as the number of deaths related to heart failure continues to soar way above average.

New official data from the UK government shows that heart-related deaths are currently 26 percent higher than they were before the pandemic.

The latest figures reveal that England recorded 32,130 registered deaths due to heart failure during the 24-week period between March 24 2023 and September 1.

During the same period in 2020, there were 25,512 heart failure deaths.

The difference is 6,618.

If we extrapolate to 52 weeks then, at the prevailing rate, we’ll see 14,339 more deaths from heart failure in 2023 than we expected in 2020.

Deaths from heart failure over the past 24 weeks have been 26% higher than the expected level in 2020.

The source of this rather alarming statistic is the latest report from the UK government’s Department for Health Improvement and Disparities.

Another surprising statistic offered by the health department is the number of “expected” heart-related deaths.

The data shows that the government has increased the number of people it “expects” to die from heart failure.

The number of “expected” heart failure deaths in 2023 is 8% higher than in 2020.

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