Harvard Study: Covid Shots Cause Sudden Deaths, Strokes – EVOL

A damning new study from some of America’s most well-respected researchers has determined that Covid mRNA shots are causing surging cases of strokes and sudden deaths.

The case study was conducted by Harvard Medical School and chronicled soaring cases of fatal cerebral ischemia over the past three years.

Cerebral ischemia is a form of deadly brain damage triggered by insufficient blood flow to the brain.

The Harvard researchers found that Moderna’s Covid mRNA injections specifically caused the recent spike in the fatal disorder.

Leading experts have been responding to the explosive study by raising the alarm about the mRNA vaccines.

The study is the latest in a long line of studies linking the shots to sudden death and potentially fatal side effects.

However, it is the first major study to specifically link Moderna’s injection to cerebral ischemia and sudden deaths.

Among those reacting to the study is Dr. John Campbell –  a top British oncologist, immunologist, and immunotherapy expert.

Campbell has published a video breaking down the results of the study.

“This could not be a more serious report,” Campbell warns.

The doctor discussed brain scan images from the study which showed dark areas of the brain.

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