Harvard Attorney Who Reviewed Biden Article Was ‘Shocked by the Plagiarism’ He Discovered

President Joe Biden is not a good human being. Period.

That statement of fact doesn’t even have anything to do with Biden’s utter ineptitude at the wheel of this country, or any of his disastrous policy-making, or even the mounting evidence that he’s involved in some shady dealings with his son.

No, for the sake of this argument, let’s assume Biden is an incredible president whose “Bidenomics” are better than “Reaganomics” and who incarcerated his own son as soon as something remotely untoward was brought to his attention?

Give Biden all of that benefit of the doubt, and what are you still left with?

A lecherous, cold-hearted creep who has no qualms about stealing a married woman or pretending like one of his grandchildren doesn’t exist.

Oh, and if this blistering X, formerly called Twitter, thread from The Heritage Foundation Vice President Roger Severino is to be believed, you can also call Biden a pathetic plagiarist.

Severino, who received his Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School, took to X and revealed that he had an opportunity to review some of then-Sen. Joe Biden’s work while he was a junior editor for the Harvard Journal.

His findings were less than impressive —



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