Hamas Terror Attack in Jerusalem During Ceasefire Kills Three Israelis, Eleven Injured

A terrorist attack in Jerusalem on Thursday morning claimed the lives of at least three Israelis who were waiting at a bus stop, and eleven others were injured.

The two gunmen, reported to be Israeli Arabs, were subsequently shot and killed by an off-duty soldier who had recently returned from combat against Hamas in Gaza.

The Israeli government has identified the terrorists as two brothers who were affiliated with Hamas and had previously served time in jail on terrorism charges.

Per reports, “The perpetrators of the Jerusalem operation: the two martyrs, the brothers Murad Nimr (38 years old) and Ibrahim Nimr (30 years old), from the village of Sur Baher in Jerusalem, who were liberated prisoners. It is noteworthy that the martyr Murad Nimr spent 10 years in the occupation prisons on charges of planning to carry out operations within a cell of the Qassam Brigades.”

The attack came following an announcement by Israel and Hamas extending the ceasefire for another day. Both sides were in the process of negotiating another round of hostages and prisoner swaps.

The casualties included a 24-year-old woman who lost her life at the scene and two others, a 60-year-old woman and a 70-year-old



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