‘Green’ Energy Push Exposes 23 Million People to Toxic Waste

A bombshell new study has revealed that tens of millions of people have been exposed to toxic waste as a result of the push to transition to “green” energy.

23 million people, more than the population of Florida, are now exposed to toxic water runoff from metal mining.

The report warns of the devastating impacts of the reckless transition to “green” energy.

The demand for mining for minerals needed for electric-powered vehicle batteries has polluted 500,000km of rivers and destroyed 16 million acres of farmland.

The researchers found that 23 million people worldwide, as well as 5.72 million in livestock, over 16 million acres of irrigated farmland, and over 297,800 miles worth of rivers, have been contaminated by mining’s toxic byproducts seeping into the water.

This metal mining includes many so-called “rare earth elements” essential to the manufacture of high-tech solar cells, wind turbines, and the batteries needed to store sustainable “green” energy.

While the new study focuses on environmental impacts, global metals mining has recently faced shocking lawsuits against major tech firms, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Tesla.

The companies have been accused of supporting child slavery in the Congo, where 70 percent of the industry’s cobalt is



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