Greece Arrests 79 Arson Suspects Behind Recent Wildfires: ‘Arsonist Scum’

Authorities in Greece have arrested 79 suspects believed to be behind arson attacks that caused the recent devastating wildfires across the country.

Greek government officials labeled the suspects “arsonist scum” while announcing the arrests.

The nation’s Civil Protection Minister Vassilis Kikilias said people have been caught trying to start new fires after authorities managed to get the wildfires under control.

There had been several attempts by arsonists to start new fires on Mount Parnitha, north-west of Athens, Kikilias revealed.

The blaze is one of hundreds in the nation this month.

In Greece, wildfires have already killed at least 20 people this week alone.

“You are committing a crime against the country,” Kikilias said, according to the BBC.

Arsonist scum are setting fires that threaten forests, property and, most of all, human lives,” Kikilias told Greeks during a televised emergency briefing on Thursday.

“You will not get away with it, we will find you, you will be held accountable.”

Summer wildfires are common in Greece and have been for thousands of years.

However, the corporate media has been repeatedly trying to link extreme weather events, such as heatwaves and wildfires, to so-called “climate change.”

But such claims ignore the fact



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