Gov’t BLOCKED Probe Into Hunter – EVOL

The House Ways and Means Committee released an affidavit on Wednesday from IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley, who stated that the CIA seemed to have instructed Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) Lesley Wolf to prevent an IRS team from investigating Hunter Biden’s connection to his benefactor, Kevin Morris. Shapley, who was leading the IRS Criminal Division’s probe into Biden, revealed that Wolf and DOJ Tax Attorney Jack Morgan were called to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, where they discussed Morris. Despite Shapley’s team considering Morris as a potential witness, Wolf seemingly rejected the idea.

“AUSA Wolf stated that they were provided a classified briefing in relation to Mr. Morris and as a result we could no longer pursue him as a witness,” Shapley stated.

Morris has shown great generosity towards Biden, purchasing 11 of his paintings and providing him with a loan of at least $5 million to address tax obligations and personal costs, as disclosed by Republican Kentucky Representative James Comer in a press release issued in January.

From IRS SSA Shapley’s newly released affidavit:

The CIA “summoned” prosecutors to Langley, VA for a classified briefing on Hunter Biden’s sugar brother/balcony bong lawyer.

After that, it was hands



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