Government Stockpiling Vaccines ahead of Pre-Election Pandemic – EVOL

President Joe Biden’s administration has begun stockpiling mRNA vaccines in preparation for a bird flu pandemic to be unleashed ahead of the November presidential election.

Scientists have just announced that they have developed an experimental vaccine that will soon be rolled out as part of a mass vaccination campaign.

These new vaccines were not designed for birds and other animals, where the current strain of bird flu is spreading, however.

The mRNA injections are for use in humans, or more specifically, the general public.

Even though this strain of bird flu has not even been transmitted from human to human, there is already a new supply of H5N1 vaccines and other mRNA bird flu vaccines in the works.

These vaccines introduce a genetically-specific antigen from the most recent strain of influenza A virus sub-type H5N1.

According to the traditional definition of vaccine science, this antigen is intended to activate human immune cells and spur long-term immune memory of the target antigen — potentially protecting the individual when they are exposed to the specific strain later on.

But how do the vaccine companies know that this specific strain is going to be responsible for a pandemic flu?

In order for scientists



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