Government Ordered Doctors to Kill Patients to Boost Covid Fears – EVOL

Several doctors have come forward to blow the whistle with bombshell statements alleging they were ordered by the government to kill patients and list the cause of their deaths as “Covid” in order to boost fears about the virus among the general public.

The effort sought to create panic among populations in order to force compliance with lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and other tyrannical restrictions on public freedoms.

Doctors revealed that they have been living in fear since the pandemic over their own role in the conspiracy but can no longer remain silent on one of the greatest crimes against humanity the world has ever seen.

One of the whistleblowers is a veteran pharmacist with more than three decades of experience working for the United Kingdom’s taxpayer-funded National Health Service (NHS).

He says that doctors in Great Britain were told to roll out “just-in-case” killer drugs after learning that a novel disease for which there was no treatment had “escaped” from China.

That disease would later be called COVID-19.

Graham Atkinson, also a pharmaceutical industry consultant, decided to quit the profession in October 2021 after witnessing what his country’s government was doing by ordering doctors to basically kill patients with



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