Gov Kristi Noem Endorses Trump: ‘The Fighter That Our Country Needs’

South Dakota’s Republican Governor Kristi Noem endorsed President Donald Trump’s re-election bid in the 2024 race.

“He is the leader, the fighter that our country needs,” Gov. Noem told a crowd of thousands at a GOP rally in Rapid City.

“He has my full and complete endorsement for president of the United States.

“I will do everything I can to help him win and save this country.”

Trump was the headliner at the rally, with Neom introducing the 45th president to the stage.

Noem has previously been suggested as a contender for Trump’s vice presidential pick.

A graphic reading “Trump Noem 2024″ then briefly appeared on the screen behind the stage.

President Trump thanked the governor, calling her “a warrior for American values.”

“I get endorsements, some good, some bad,” Trump told the massive crowd.

“Some don’t mean anything. Hers means a lot.”

Noem’s endorsement of Trump capped a 20-minute speech highlighting how well South Dakota is faring.

The governor also credited Trump for making the state’s success possible following the pandemic.

Many other states went along with national recommendations for shuttering businesses, churches, and schools and stay-at-home orders.

However, Noem refused to strip South Dakotans of their freedoms.



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