‘Go F**K Yourself’: Elon Musk Visibly Stuns Host With Response To Advertiser Pressure Campaign

Tech mogul Elon Musk left NBC host Andrew Ross Sorkin speechless with a short but blunt response to an ongoing left-wing advertiser boycott aimed at X, the social network formerly known as Twitter. Musk stated that Disney and other dissatisfied companies should stop advertising on X, adding “go f**k yourself.”

Sorkin asked Musk about his recent trip to Israel, where he toured sites of the October 7 attacks and met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “Now obviously you know that there’s a public perception that, and you’re clarifying this now, but there’s a public perception that that was part of a apology tour, if you will. That this had been said online, there was all of the criticism, there was advertisers leaving,” Sorkin said.

After Sorkin then named Disney CEO Bob Iger as an one of the executives behind the boycott and appeared to be asking a question about advertisers when Musk interjected with, “I hope they stop.”

“Don’t advertise,” Musk stated.

“You don’t want them to advertise?” Sorkin followed up while Musk immediately reaffirmed his position.

“If somebody’s gonna try to blackmail me with advertising, blackmail me with money, go f**k yourself,” Musk declared, leaving Sorkin visibly stunned.



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