Germany to Miss Climate Goals despite Spending over $500 Billion on Green Agenda

Germany is expected to fall far short of its ambitious “climate change” goals and will fail to comply with the globalist green agenda, according to reports.

Reuters is reporting that the German government is failing to meet the climate goals despite having spent more than $500 billion to reach them.

Unfortunately for the taxpaying German public, the country isn’t even close to complying with the green agenda targets, even after the epic spending.

Germany had pledged to meet targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 65 percent before 2030.

The country also vowed to reach “Net Zero” carbon dioxide emissions by 2050.

However, the German government is primed to miss its targets by a large margin, according to Reuters.

By 2025, the German government will have spent the equivalent of at least $580 billion toward achieving the goals that it is now forecasted to miss, according to Bloomberg.

The German economy is the largest in Europe.

Nevertheless, the country has been in recession since the first quarter of 2023.

The economic situation is potentially a long-term problem that is largely attributable to its energy problems, according to Politico.

The country has spent enormous sums to subsidize green technology.

According to the German



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