Georgia Senate Investigators Suggest Fani Willis to Be Subpoenaed – EVOL

Fulton County’s anti-Trump Democrat District Attorney Fani Willis may be facing a subpoena from a Georgia Senate inquiry, investigators have suggested.

Willis is the prosecutor leading a 2020 election interference case against President Donald Trump and his allies.

However, she may be about to get subpoenaed as part of a state-level investigation.

State Sen. Bill Cowsert, a Republican leading the special committee investigating the DA, hinted that Willis may be dragged before the Georgia Senate.

According to local NBC affiliate WXIA-TV, Cowsert said a subpoena may be necessary if Willis does not accept an invitation to appear before the panel.

“She’s a key part of the investigation and her viewpoints are valued by us,” Cowsert said.

“We need to hear what she has to say and her explanation and what she thinks the appropriate rules ought to be going forward so that we don’t have this kind of scandal giving Georgia a black eye in the future.”

The GOP-led special committee is probing the use of state funds arising from the controversy over Willis’s romantic relationship with the special prosecutor she hired for the 2020 election case.

Upon its conclusion, the committee is expected to submit a report with recommendations.

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