Georgia Election Board Admits Hand Recount and Machine Audit Violated State Law in 2020 Election – EVOL

The Georgia State Election Board acknowledged in a recent letter to elections specialist Joseph Rossi that they discovered the hand recount and machine count audit conducted during the 2020 election violated state law.

The State Election Board admitted to this in a recent letter to investigator Joseph Rossi.

“The matter is in the violation found category,” The Georgia Election Board said in their letter to Rossi.

Here is the letter:

Emerald Robinson, from The Absolute Truth on Frank Speech, revealed in early April that the highly anticipated report from an investigation (SEB2023-025) into errors uncovered in both the manual and machine counts during the 2020 presidential election in Fulton County, is slated to be discussed at the State Election Board meeting scheduled for May 7th.

According to citizen investigator Joe Rossi, violations were discovered in both the manual audit and machine count during the investigation.

Earlier today Joseph Rossi testified in front of the State Election Board meeting.

Rossi explained how both the manual audit and the official machine recount in Fulton County have been determined to violate Georgia’s election laws.

Joseph Rossi: Now, I’d like to speak directly to those who have fought factually, respectfully, and relentlessly



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