Gavin Newsom Issues Surprise Veto Of Bill — Conservatives Celebrate But It’s Not All Roses

Gavin Newsom just surprised a lot of people by vetoing a new Bill that was pro-trans and anti-conservative values.

So, has he suddenly seen the light?

Suddenly upholding traditional values?


I’ll explain more what’s really going on in just a minute, but first here are the details:

Gavin Newsom’s veto of bill forcing judges to consider parents’ willingness to ‘trans’ kids in custody battles leads to speculation of presidential run

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) September 23, 2023

On the surface, it IS good news….

A temporary win.

Gov Gavin Newsom has vetoed AB 957 and SB 599.
Both these bills would have caused irreversible damage to families under going custody disputes. Children were being weaponized and we are thankful the Gov has made the right move to veto these two bills.

Our team had…

— Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids (@PERK_GROUP) September 23, 2023

But is it a pyrrhic victory?

Let’s look deeper.

Many believe this was all a setup so he could veto it and appeal to the “center” amidst a coming Presidential run:

Gavin Newsom’s veto is a huge tell:

1. He absolutely has presidential ambitions
2. Democrats know they



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