Furious Biden LASHES Out At His Own Staff – EVOL

The potential accuracy of a recent report may heighten existing worries among voters regarding President Joe Biden’s mental acuity. NBC News revealed that Biden expressed anger and confronted his top advisors and aides in a private meeting back in January upon learning that he was trailing behind Trump in key states like Georgia and Michigan. Sources present in the room confirmed these details to journalists from the outlet.

“The report painted a picture of a re-election campaign that was — and is — in disarray less than a year before Nov. 5, when Biden will most likely face off against Trump — again — in a general election,” the Western Journal reported.

According to the NBC report, Biden has been in disagreement with his advisors for several months on the most effective approach to persuade voters to grant him a second term, especially considering his historically low approval ratings, the migrant crisis he is responsible for, persistent inflation, escalating food and gas prices, and excessively high lending rates.

However, the recent attacks by Hamas on Israel on October 7th and Israel’s subsequent declaration of war against the terrorist organization have further complicated the situation for Biden. Initially, Biden supported



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