Fox News Anchor Hits BACK Over Blatant Biden Lie – EVOL

Fox News anchor John Roberts responded on Wednesday by providing evidence to support his position in the ongoing dispute with the Biden campaign regarding their statements advocating for a cap on insulin prices. The exchange of comments began when Roberts questioned the Biden campaign’s promotion of an insulin price cap on Monday, stating that he believed it had already been implemented during the Trump administration.

Roberts pointed out that former President Donald Trump had signed an executive order in May 2020 to cap insulin prices for Medicare recipients. In response to Roberts’ comments, the Biden-Harris HQ campaign account accused him of spreading misinformation, referring to his statements as “a blatant lie.”

Fox host tries to claim Trump, not President Biden, capped insulin at $35/month

FACT CHECK: This is a blatant lie. Trump did not cap insulin costs, President Biden did for seniors through the Inflation Reduction Act. Trump’s Project 2025 wants to repeal it, which would raise…

— Biden-Harris HQ (@BidenHQ) June 3, 2024

Roberts issued a response during the broadcast on Tuesday, specifically confronting the social media post from the Biden campaign by presenting evidence to challenge their assertion regarding his previous statements. Reading



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