Former Trump NSA Robert C. O’Brien: Air Force Needs 300-400 B-21

In comments given to the National Interest, former Trump National Security Advisor Ambassador Robert C. O’Brien explained that the U.S. Air Force needs 300-400 B-21 Raider stealth bombers considering the growing threat from China’s rising military might. 

O’Brien’s B-21 comments are significant considering the role he could play in a future Republican Administration in 2025 and beyond, helping set defense and national security policy.

O’Brien was considered by most who observed the Trump national security team up close in Washington as knowledgeable, politically connected, and able to move between the MAGA/populist wing of the GOP and more neoconservative elements.

Many Republican defense hawks would consider O’Brien an excellent pick for Secretary of Defense, State, or even an outside chance at Vice President. 

The B-21 Raider: ‘300-400 Range’ 

“The U.S. Air Force has placed an initial order for 100 Raiders. It has acknowledged a need for 175-200 bombers. In light of the rapidly growing PLA Navy fleet and recent reporting that the PLA Rocket Forces are building 1,000 ICBM silos, it is clear that the B-21 fleet should be in the 300-400 range,” explained O’Brien to the National Interest

“Although the [B-21 Raider] program has been well run to date, given the



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