Former Trump Adviser Says Trump May Do One Thing To Tank GOP Debate

A former campaign adviser to then-President Donald Trump has a theory about what may be done to overshadow the Republican Presidential Debate.

The former adviser, Jason Osborne, spoke to CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins on her show “The Source” on Friday, where he shared his idea of what the former president may do.

“Donald Trump, right now, is not expected to show up,” he said regarding the debate. “He has until Monday at nine o’clock to make that official, I guess. Candidates are kind of having to prepare. Does he show up? Does he not? They’re kind of prepping for two different debates, potentially.”

“I don’t think they should be, though,” former Obama administration staffer Ashley Allison said. “I think you should be very clear in your vision of what you want to do as president, regardless of Donald Trump. And that has to be, ‘I’m either going to say Donald Trump was wrong,’ and be very clear whether he’s on the debate stage or not.”

“I agree,” the former adviser said. “I’m [at] about a 30% chance this is going to happen, but I think Donald Trump is gonna turn himself in either right before the debate or during the



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