Former Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade is Being Accused of Contempt of Court, Again - EVOL

The former Special Prosecutor in Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ Trump racketeering case, Nathan Wade, is facing more contempt of court proceedings.

“BREAKING: Former #FaniWillis “special prosecutor” Nathan Wade facing contempt of court allegations in his pending divorce,” Phil Holloway reported.

“Defendant urgently requires medical procedures, namely an endoscopy, colonoscopy, and ultrasound, due to severe physical symptoms she has been enduring. These symptoms have significantly impacted her ability to consume most foods, leading to a substantial weight loss,” he added.

Wade Contempt Case by Kyle Becker

“Despite a direct request from Defendant to Plaintiff for prepayment and an additional demand from Defendant’s counsel to Plaintiff’s counsel, Plaintiff has failed and neglected to fulfill his obligation under the Temporary Order to cover these necessary healthcare costs,” he continued. “Instead, Plaintiff has instructed Defendant to make payment to the provider herself, with an assurance of reimbursement.”

As reported by Politico in January, “The prosecutor, Nathan Wade, was held in contempt for defying a court order in an acrimonious divorce proceeding with his wife. Wade, a judge in Cobb County, Ga., ruled, had “willfully” failed to turn over documents about his income — including, his wife later said, income from his



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