Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Issues Direct Warning: ‘Russia Will Unleash Nuclear Apocalypse if Attacked by NATO’ - EVOL

Once again, ex-Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has warned that a head-on war between Moscow’s forces and NATO would result in a nuclear apocalypse.

On Wednesday, the current deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council issued a warning on Telegram in reaction to recent statements and reports suggesting that certain European leaders are advising their citizens to ‘prepare for war’.

For instance, just last month, UK Army chief General Patrick Sanders urged authorities to “mobilize the nation” for potential conflict with Putin, emphasizing the necessity for a “shift” in mindset among the populace to be prepared.

Medvedev mocked this and other instances of NATO leaders accusing Moscow of aiming for a larger conflict as nothing more than “dangerous drivel.”

He argued that it’s all about drumming up support for sending more weapons to Kyiv, amid what’s become war fatigue among Western publics.

According to Russian media, Medvedev said this is part of efforts to prop up Ukraine—”a dying country that is foreign to taxpayers”—while ignoring problems at home.

“Therefore, every day the leaders of these countries broadcast: We need to prepare for war with Russia and continue to help Ukraine,” he wrote.

That’s when he stated that people in the West



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