Former RNC Chair Calls for Trump to Be Jailed over Anti-Biden Rhetoric – EVOL

Former Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele has called for President Donald Trump to be jailed for blasting his Democrat opponent in the November election.

Steele made the call in response to Trump accusing Democrat President Joe Biden of trying to have him assassinated.

The 45th president made the allegation after evidence emerged showing Biden’s administration authorized the use of “lethal force” during the FBI’s raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

Steele shared the comments ahead of an anticipated verdict in Trump’s “hush money” trial.

The jury’s verdict in the case could result in an unprecedented conviction of a U.S. president as Trump seeks to unseat Biden in November.

Trump has furiously criticized his four separate criminal trials as an organized political witch hunt.

That rhetoric escalated last week when it was reported that the search warrant for the 2022 FBI raid of Trump’s home included permission to use deadly force.

Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland dismissed Trump’s accusations of an assassination plot with indignation.

Garland claims that Trump is misrepresenting “standard” FBI protocol.

However, the raid on the 45th president’s private residence was far from a “standard” operation.

During a discussion on MSNBC’s “The Weekend,” Steele, a frequent Trump critic,



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