Former President Donald Trump Reveals the Names of Several Potential Vice Presidents and Cabinet Nominees – EVOL

Former President Donald Trump has revealed the names of several potential running mates and future cabinet members.

President Trump made the comments to Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo during an interview broadcasted on “Sunday Morning Futures” on February 4th.

Many observers view President Trump as virtually the presumptive Republican nominee, securing consecutive landslide victories in Iowa and New Hampshire, where he achieved double-digit margins in both contests.

When asked about the timing of his announcement regarding a running mate for his third White House campaign, President Trump told Ms. Bartiromo, “Not for a while.”

“I mean, we have so many great people in the Republican Party, but not for a while,” he said.

“What criteria are you using to identify who your running mate is?” Ms. Bartiromo asked.

The key consideration, President Trump replied, is “Who would be a good president?”

Ms. Bartiromo followed up by asking President Trump directly who he plans to choose as his vice-presidential pick in 2024.

“I have a lot of good ideas but I haven’t [decided],” President Trump replied.

However, he brought up the names of various candidates for the second-highest position in the federal government, such as Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) and South



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