Former Obama Adviser David Axelrod Sounds Alarm for Dems About Biden's Disaster Address - Reinforces Idea That He's Too Old - EVOL

Former Obama adviser David Axelrod reacted to Biden’s awful address this week, saying that it reinforces the idea that Biden is too old to be president. Axelrod has been voicing concerns about Biden for months, angering some people on the left in the process.

According to him, one of the worst things in politics is a moment like this that confirms a meme about you, in Biden’s case, that he is feeble and no longer has what it takes to run the country.

Axelrod made the comments during an appearance on CNN,

FOX News reports:

David Axelrod warns Biden presser ‘reinforces the meme’ that the president is too old: ‘Can’t unring the bell’

Former Obama advisor and CNN senior political analyst David Axelrod recently claimed that President Biden’s “angry” press conference in response to Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on him “reinforces the meme” that the president is too old.

Axelrod told CNN anchor Anderson Cooper that the president’s defiant response Thursday night to Hur’s findings that he has “poor memory” and thus should not be charged for illegally holding classified documents, probably did not solve the “problem” of the majority of voters thinking he’s too old and too



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