Former FBI Agent Sounds The Alarm After Arrest Of Biden Bribery Informant: 'It's Shameful' – EVOL

Former FBI agent Stuart Kaplan told Fox News host Jesse Watters that the FBI informant who has been charged with lying to FBI agents about an alleged bribery scheme involving Joe Biden was highly credible.

The informant, identified as 41-year-old Alexander Smirnov, is accused of lying to FBI agents when he told them that executives associated with Burisma paid $5 million each between 2015 and 2016. Smirnov, 43, was charged with making a false statement and creating a false and fictitious record.

He was arrested in Las Vegas on Wednesday shortly after arriving from an overseas trip and is expected to make an initial court appearance this week.

Kaplan described the arrest as “shameful” and firmly rejected the idea that it exonerates President Biden and his son, Hunter. “It’s shameful, it’s embarrassing, and it’s not a time at all for the Bidens to take a victory lap,” he said, adding that he and his colleagues suspected the charges would eventually come.

“Jesse, when that 1023 form was released last year, my colleagues and I knew at that point that informant was going to be sacrificed. It was just a matter of time,” he said.

“So what the FBI and



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