Former FBI Agent Gives Ominous Warning To Vivek Ramaswamy: ‘Be Careful’

A man who identified himself as a retired FBI agent warned Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy that he should “be careful” and get some “very competent people” around him in a chilling campaign trail moment.

The man identified himself as Mike Wyatt, a former police officer and 22-year veteran of the FBI. “When I went in, it was fidelity, bravery, integrity. It broke my heart,” Wyatt said in reference to the bureau’s current state. “This can’t be. This can’t go on.”

Ramaswamy thanked the man and his wife for attending the campaign event, at which point he said “Jesus, be careful.”

“You mean ‘be careful,’ be careful,” GOP contender said as he gathered that he was being warned about potential physical danger. “Yes, very careful,” the man replied.

When Ramaswamy asked what he should do, the man advised him to “get some very, very competent help” and “very competent people to do some intelligence work before you went places.”

“I met a former FBI agent and his wife on the campaign trail here in Iowa. They agree with me: we need to root out the corruption & shut down the FBI. At the local level, we have police & prosecutors,”



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