Former Congresswoman Reveals TERRIFYING Story Of Biden Admin – EVOL

Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard recounted a dystopian tale to Joe Rogan, detailing how the FBI paid a visit to her friend in rural Hawaii solely because he had attended her appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience on January 6th.

“He’s like ‘oh the FBI just came to my house out in Lāʻie,’ small rural community on the island of Oahu,” Gabbard told Rogan.

“I was like ‘What’s going on?’ He’s like ‘Yeah, they came and knocked on my door because I took my son to go and witness democracy.’ So they were part of those thousands of people who were out on the lawn of the capital. They didn’t arrest him, they didn’t charge him with anything … but how is it that years later, years later they go and find this guy and his family in a rural Mormon community in Lāʻie in Hawaii?” Gabbard asked.

“They’re capturing all of the data of people whose cell phones were pinging within that vicinity during that period of time, not only on January 6th, and they are continuing to widen that net, looking at flight records and who bought tickets and who booked hotels and all of this stuff for



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